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What to sell Door-to-Door?

You can sell pretty well anything you want, new products, old products, new services, or old services. The key to selling anything Door-to-Door, is how you sell it. You have to give your customer a reason to buy your product or service at their door. You have to create a fantastic promotion or an incredible discount offer that is only being promoted Door-to-Door. Most customers will ask you why only Door-to-Door? The simple answer to that is: "Instead of spending thousands of pounds on TV commercials or expensive advertising campaigns we wanted to spend our advertising money on you the customer."

Whatever your product or service is, it must be reasonably inexpensive. There is no point in trying to sell something for too much because nobody will want to buy it. An ideal price for a product or service sold Door-to-Door, is about 20 to 30. Products over 50 don't sell very well. The reason for this is simple. It's a lot easier to make a 20 decision than it is to make a 50 decision, and most people don't carry much more than 20 cash anyway.

There are lots of things that are sold Door-to-Door for example: newspaper subscriptions, magazine subscriptions, discount coupons, catalogue shopping, cleaning supplies, makeup, dicounted utility/phone bills. There is also a variety of services sold Door-to-Door such as: window cleaning, automotive valeting, lawn maintenace, gardening services, snow removal, house cleaning, dry cleaning, ironing services... The list is endless practically anything which is a consumable item can be sold Door-to-Door even frozen food.
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